Let’s just say its one thing to have your fans upset, but it’s another to have your colleagues furious at you because of the words on your new album.  It looks as if Rick Ross has created bad blood throughout the industry in the bars he chose to use for his new album Port of Miami 2.  People are saying the new music is not what they expected at all.  Rick Ross has stirred up controversy that put rap artist  50 Cent and Nikki Minaj in a place where they felt the need to reply to the diss on his new album. 

      According to sources Nikki Minaj responded to Ross’s comment on the “Apple of My Eye” track. Minaj was pretty heated stating that Rick Ross only responded with diss on his album, because he had become irrelevant in the music industry, telling him to “sit his fat *** down.”  50 Cent basically said the same thing, but was a bit more professional.  Truth is many are saying that Ross has become washed down as an artist. Question to the public is the rap game so hard that you have to down play other artists to get a step ahead? One thing is for certain two things for sure Ross’s new music has the industry talking. It would only wishful thinking to think before building anymore bad blood and tension against top artist in this hip hop game, if you want to last long. 

-Squash the beef let’s get to the music #eachoneteachone #togetherwecangrabanother

Post By: MJ