Rick Ross just dropped new music, and it seems as if he had an idea of collaborating long time feuding artists Pusha T and Lil’ Wayne by putting them on one of the same tracks. Which would have allowed Ross to put the hype to bed.  Apparently, it was a great idea but it didn’t work out quite that way.  Rick Ross released Port of Miami 2 today August 09th, 2019.  It is the hotsauce of music that has everyone chirping up a storm. Fan instantly notice “Mayback Music VI,” was not all they hoped for. 

    According to sources at Vibe Magazine Pusha T recorded his verse to “Mayback Music VI”; but when the music was released the only features was Lil’ Wayne and John Legend’s verse.  It looks like Pusha T’s fan were a little bit disappointed after hearing that he did clear his verse, and he did not have any problems with being on the same track as Lil’ Wayne. 

     The Question that sits in the public’s eye is if this was a blunt sign of disrespect for Pusha T’s time, craft, talent, and work.  Allegedly Rick Ross dropped Pusha T’s verse because it was leaked to the public on Thursday Night.  Really tho, does this seem messy or not? Obviously, there are things that are going on behind the scenes that are not being talked about. However, fans are rooting for peace in the situation so they can get what they want in music.  The Power 92.3 fam wishes all artist the very best in their future endeavors.  

     Rick Ross took to his instagram account stating, “Last night I got to play a few joints for a few people and to me, one of the most meaningful records is ‘Maybach Music VI, I wanted to make this shit special in a different was. Causing some great niggas to put what I consider some bullshit behind them. There’s a difference between having differences with niggas and wishing death upon niggas. We know what this is. To me these some dope ass niggas that play football and scored some touchdowns and bumped into each other in the locker room after the game… I wanted this to spark their conversation of putting all that shit behind them because these niggas is two legends.”

Posted By: MJ