This weekend was supa lit in Chicago as so many artist join together to headline and perform at Lalapolooza, including Louisianan rap artist Lil Wayne.  Fans has been anticipating new music and appearances from Lil’ Tunchei for quite a while, but haven’t heard not even a release date.

Well, maybe Lil’ Wayne gave the crowd a hinter that pointed to the fact he may have new music on the way as he began to perform his remix to Lil’ Nas X’s Old Town Road.  According to XXL, Wayne isn’t entirely sure if the album would one-day be formally released, but that doesn’t mean he can’t bring it to stages, and fans turned up once Lil’ Wayne Remix to the song.  We are hoping to hear more new music from the lyrical rap genius in the future. The Power Fam want to wish Lil’ Wayne the best. #goodluck.

Posted By: MJ