Over the weekend Yandy from VH1’s Love and Hip Hop the reality show, appeared at the 2019 Curl Fest at The Rock Island to promote her new cosmetic line “Yelle.”  So, far the cosmetic line has done successfully well with advertising and sales. When advertising her product she was interviewed and asked a few questioned she was excited to say she was looking for tones and makeup, that was the perfect fit for natural skin. She plans for the future of “Yelle” to prosper in the upcoming years.

The big question for Yandy from the bulk of her fans was the plans for the upcoming season for Love and Hip Hop New York.  Yandy refused to give details, but sources from The Sources Magazine says that she did say…..”if there will be another season.”  Last year Yandy announced that her husband Mendecees who was sentenced to eight years to prison will be released this year.  Yandy says she have more plans to promote her cosmetics line and engage more time with her family by being a better wife, mother, and businesswoman. Either way we all wish Yandy the best with her family, the future of her cosmetics line, and her career.

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