Rakim Mayers aka ASAP Rocky, a 30 year rapper from New York has been held inside the Skolekom Police Department on assault charges. Allegedly he physically assaulted a fan who was following him.  According to sources at TMZ, yesterday officials of the Sweden police department decided to charge ASAP Rocky in the incident in which he was involved.  It was said that if charged ASAP could possible be facing two years for his action in the attack that occurred on the streets of Sweden.  Although, the rapper was charged with the crime officials have not appointed ASAP his sentencing time. 

      Rumor has it that when the Judge on the case ask ASAP what other names he go by, he then replied with old rap nick names. The judge went on to ask him was another name he went by was pretty mu******.  It was nothing but offense taken in that remark.  ASAP went on to explain that he has a pass from those experiences.  Kanye West and Donald Trump has also aided to support ASAP in defending the rappers name and credibility in efforts to bring the rapper home to the U.S.  The official in the Skolekom Police Department denies saying such a thing. Fans and neighboring people of the hip hop community is sadden to hear about the latest update on rapper ASAP Rocky, while others are awaiting the rappers sentencing. 

The Power Family wants to say Keep Yah Head Up Brother.

Posted By: MJ