Rakim Myers also known as ASAP Rocky is a native of Harlem, New York born on October 3rd, 1988. ASAP Rocky is one of the most high profile American rap artists today. According to sources at TMZ he was visiting Skolom, Sweden where he has recently been arrested and detained due to a physical altercation that transpired between himself and two other men. ASAP Rocky says the brawl was caused by the two men that antagonized him by harassing him as he walked down the street. Today ASAP Rocky is expected to remain incarcerated for the next two weeks while prosecutor decide if he will be charged with aggravated assault: If convicted he can faced up to the maximum of six years in prison.

It has been reported that the rap artist is jailed inside inhumane conditions. He shares a cell with a cellmate who suffers from mental health issues, utilizes a yoga mat to sleep on with no blankets, has unsanitary housing, and is forces to eat and drink low quality food and water. Just recently there was a treaty signed between Vienna Convention for Consular Relations and The American Consulate, which allows American who were arrested in Sweden to seek guidance and legal advice from the The American Consulate. ASAP requested to speak with an official from The American Consulate. However, when an official came out to the Skolom Detention Center ASAP Rocky was refused his visit and the official was turned away.  This was a clear sign of violation in his human rights. Although after contesting this matter ASAP Rocky finally got his visit with the official from The American Consulate, but the visit was supervised. We are hoping ASAP Rocky receives the justice he deserves. The Power 92.3 Family continues to support our brother as he goes through these trying times, and wishes him the best.

Posted By: MJ

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