Kendrick Lamar is a 32 year old rap artist, writer, producer, and music pioneer who is a native from Compton, California. He is one of the most well recognized rappers in hip-hip hop today. Although he began his rap career in 2004, he did not gain popularity until just about 2010. Kendrick’s first album “Section 80” was released on July 2nd, 2011: Which was an independent studio recorded album. Section 80 became number 113 on Billboard Top 200, selling over 130,000 copies. Shortly after the release of his first album Kendrick Lamar collided with Aftermath Entertainment, Top Dawg Entertainment, and Interscope Records releasing his second album named “Good kid M.A.A.D City,” on October 2012. His second album get much of it’s credibility for his phenomenal story-telling and painting a picture of young teenage boys faced with adversity by experiencing drugs, gang, the street life, and violence in the city of Compton. Reaching number two on Billboard Top 200, selling over 1.7 million copies worldwide, becoming a triple platinum artist.

Kendrick’s fourth album D.A.M.N was release back in April 2017. The fourth album has also did extremely well, with top hit singles such as: Humble, Loyalty, and Love. At the end of December 2018 and the beginning of 2019 the Compton Rap Artist has repeatedly said he was thinking about quitting the rap game due to controversies in the hip hop and rap industry, copyright infringement disagreements, and other civil issues in his recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Writer and Editor Lauren Alvarez of Forbes has noted that Mike Steinberg released an official statement stating that Kendrick Lamar signed a long term contract with BMI Records, excited news huh? …Well, the CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment Anthony Tiffith says that those were rumors built on fake news, and reports Kendrick doesn’t plan on dropping any new music no time soon. He has recently promoted unreleased music, people are speculating he will be releasing a new album soon. The Power Family wishes Kendrick Lamar luck on his future endeavors, and prays he will return to the hip hop game soon.

Posted By: MJ

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