Dame Dash is no stranger to controversy. His attitude and his nonchalant ways are known to rub people the wrong way and deem him as an a**hole. His years-long beef with Lyor Cohen and FunkMaster Flex has been talked about over the internet since around 2014, but we are here to give you a timeline review of how everything resurfaced since 2018 and also added more people to the drama.


February 2018

Dame Dash and long time friend, Kenyatta Griggs, released a book called, Culture Vulture. The book, which has a 5-star rating on Amazon, gave off a conversational vibe between the authors which offered insights, ideas, and lessons about business and more from Dash, being a media mogul as is. The term “culture vulture” was introduced by Dash, referring to those who work in the “black” culture, but try to discredit our work and erase our history.


August 2018

Jumping all the way to August of 2018, former head of Def-Jam and now YouTube’s Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen, was asked to do an interview with The Breakfast Club. In the interview, Cohen was asked the relationship with Dash. Cohen responded by simply saying, “Who is Dame Dash? I don’t know even know him.” Cohen said his daughter allegedly asked about the situation and he claims he “doesn’t pay attention to things like that”.

Within days, Dame responded via Instagram and interviews by slandering Cohen! In an interview with Tariq Naheed, Dame went on to say that Cohen has no power and his job with YouTube is a “desk job”. Dash called him a “culture molester’ and says everyone should know about Cohen. “They take our money off us and then try to erase our true history and act like the real ones never existed..”, says Dash.  Stemming from the split of Roc-a-Fella Records in 2005, the beef between Cohen and Dash has been back and forth and unsettled for years.


December 2018

Lyor Cohen gets some defense from Hot 97’s, Funk Master Flex, who jumps on Dame calling him a flat out liar! He claims that Dame is lying about never making any money with Cohen. Flex, who took his problem with Dame to Instagram, posted a very happy old photo of Cohen and Dash, while defending Cohen and his help with Jay-Z and Dash’s success.


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Dame Dash built an amazing brand (The Roc) with Biggs and JayZ! I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as an entrepreneur! I 1,000 percent understand his cockiness! He’s self made and I know u wouldn’t believe me but Jayz would have never been noticed without Dame! But in 2018 I refuse to join the cheerleading squad with Dame in the slander! Without the DefJam machine Roccafella would have died in the wind! Roccafella was being distributed though PAYDAY/FREEZE/SLEEPINGBAG/PRIORITY RECORDS(GOOGLE IT)before DefJam!!!! Jayz would have been another great mc that faded into obscurity if he stayed in that situation! Dame made a lot of money with Lyor! All great partnerships always come to and end! Jayz went his separate way cause Dame didn’t adapt to the fact he needed to refine his personality! No one can remove u if u stay in tune to the surroundings! @duskopoppington I love u dearly my Brother… u helped me in 96 when my back was against the wall… But you are a LIAR… I was there FULLY back then and I was singed to DefJam for the tunnel album… YOU are a LIAR.. that man helped u… There are people with legitimate issues with Lyor! Dame ain’t one of them! it’s always easy to turn people against the rich JEWISH GUY that is still relevant and making money… I love u dearly bro but you foul with that Lyor energy! IM JUST TIRED OF NOT SPEAKING UP ON THIS!!!THE TRUTH IS ALL WE GOT! WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO TWIST IT! A CULTURE VULTURE CANT GET U UNLESS THE CULTURE YOU REPRESENT IS FOR SALE!!!!!! #JustMyOpinion COMMENTS OFF-THIS ISNT OPEN FOR DEBATE! #DameDashIsALiar

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January 2019

With words being exchanged between Dash & Flex prior to this, Dame went on to respond through his most recent and popular interview with Nick Cannon’s, Cannon’s Class. The interview got real, really quick. Dame dissed Flex and Lyor without any remorse. Calling Flex “useless”, and saying his career is stagnant, Dame expressed that he has always had to “school” Flex. Not too far behind, Lyor gets called a scumbag and of course, a “culture vulture”.

With the questions getting more interesting by the minute, Dame was hit with topics on former business partner, Jay-Z, late girlfriend Aaliyah, and his relationship with R. Kelly. 50 Cent chimed in on the interview and added that Dame “was trying to get Jay jammed up” when asked about his underage involvement with Foxy Brown. Dame claimed that he had no idea of the relationship between the two. Coming to save the day again, Funkmaster Flex joins in on 50’s comment saying that Cannon and Dash are both a ‘disgrace to this era’.

Since the interview on Cannon’s Class, Dame and Flex has still been going back and forth via Instagram and interviews. Dash says he wants to speak with the CEO of HOT 97 and will ask for Flex to step down. With the beef resurfaced and still fresh, more updates about this story is soon to come.


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By: Bo Witherspoon, Intern