There is always someone that has something to say. Just this past holiday, the 4th of July, Chicago native rapper, Chance the Rapper proposed to his long term girl friend/ mother of his daughter. Many of his fans were extremely happy and supportive since they have followed his relationship with the mother of his child. In the past there was a time where they had relationship problems and they weren’t together. After 5 years and a daughter later he finally proposes.

As fans were excited for him and congratulating the couple there was one fan that had something to say.

 “Can I be honest? I really thought Chance the rapper proposal was extra hot smelly trash. I’m all for keeping it simple but 5 years and kid. She deserved a little more effort. It was kinda fuck boyish like well I guess we can finally get married”, fan tweeted.

Chance found himself clapping back at a fan after he commented on his proposal’s style. Chance is known for being a peace maker and he normally isn’t included in much beef. Not considering this to be beef but it isn’t a surprise that someone had something to say. In the days we live in everything is hyped up via social media. Many people look to social media for how they should live and how things should happen. As for Chance the Rapper he has stayed true to who he is. Chance is just a south side native who enjoys good times and positive energy. His proposal style just so happen to be his style completely. It was intimate, he was around family, and those who mattered, it just so happens that he was shirtless, comfortable, and in his own zone. None of which matters because at the end of the day those who were apart was all that mattered.


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Published By: Portia Cannamore (intern)