Bri On The GO is a segment that features places & people in Chicago that are doing dope things in the city. On this episode, our girl Bria Fachon linked up with artists Sarah Wilson, Amoz of Art, and Skyler Sun. These dope artists just finished working on a mural centered around Chance The Rapper and other rising millennials: Keyante Aych(Designer), Femdot (Rapper), Bella Bahhs (Poet/Activist), Kaina (Singer), Crystal Zapata (Artist/Designer), Juan Elias Riesco (Nini’ Deli), Jac Stovler (Photographer), Rene Marban (Photographer), Evan Brown (Actually On Dirt), and Samantha Jo (Painter). The trio made history by being the first artists to have a mural in the Pedway System on Randolph St. downtown Chicago.

Watch and learn more about the Kevin Coval inspired mural “Chicago Has My Heart” featuring Chance The Rapper in the interview above with Bria Fachon.




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