Fans, as well as fellow celebrities and political figures have recently received good news that Meek Mill will no longer be under the jurisdiction of judge Genece Brinkley.

Judge Genece Brinkley has been overseeing Meek’s probation and is solely responsible for blocking his legal team from attempts at having meek released on bail.

Judge Brinkley will no longer be a deciding factor in Meeks case, thanks to Philidelphia’s district attorney Larry Krasner.  Krasner has decided to allow Meeks petition to be released on bail will be decided by Pennsylevania Supreme Court.

Judge Brinkley has been recently accused of exhibiting bias against meek and taking an unusual interest in him serving out his probation.  Meek and his team filed a motion to have her taken off his case but the decision has yet to be made.



Published By: Jarrell Guice