Happy Black History Month, everyone! No matter what race or ethnicity you are it’s still important to celebrate BHM because without the history of amazing African Americans before us the simplest things that we take for granted wouldn’t be here in the first place! If you second guess that statement, this Black History Month inspired FOR THE CULTURE blog post will inform you how impactful Blacks are in history and in today’s society.

Black History Month was created in 1926 in the United States by historian Carter G. Woodson. Initially it wasn’t always a month, it started off as a week and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History acknowledged it as the second week of February because of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and Frederick Douglass’ birthday were on Feb 12th and Feb. 14th. The two individuals were valued by many Black Americans in the 19th century due to their accomplishments.

After fighting really hard for years and years, “Negro History Week” received a great response from the Department of Education and the week started to grow interest among tons of people like teachers and progressive Whites. Decades later several Mayors started to recognize it as a holiday and after Black educators and the Black United Students at Kent State University proposed “Negro History Week” as a month in February 1969, the next year the first celebration of BHM took place in February 1970!

So enough about the quick history lesson of how “Negro History Week” turned into the “Black History Month” aka the shortest month out of the year/the month of hella distractions! Here’s 10 important BLACK innovators/inventors who contributed to EVERYDAY objects and necessities we take for granted or many don’t know BLACKS created!

1. Frederick M. Jones – Inventor of The AIR CONDITIONER (AC)

2. Alexander Miles- Inventor of the Elevator

3. Osbourn Dorsey (Door Knob/Door Stopper)

4. Garrett Morgan- Inventor of Traffic Light/Gas Mask

5. George Washington Carver- Inventor of Peanut Products/Botanist

6. J. Standard- Inventor of the Refrigerator

7. T.A Carrington- Inventor of the Stove

8. Madame CJ Walker- Inventor of Developing and Marketing A Line of Beauty and Hair Products for Black Women through Madame CJ Walker Manufacturing Company. (Invented The Hot Comb)


9. Joseph N. Jackson- Inventor/Patented The TV Remote Control




10. Thomas Stewart- Inventor of the Mop

Here’s a more in depth look at some renowned Black Innovators and Inventors!

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