As social media apps and networks continously update and create new features for thier users, Twitter is up next to make changes to thier app and website. Since Twitter started back in 2006 users were only able to use 140 characters to express their mood and feelings. For several of years, millions of users  have complained about not having  enough characters to tweet. Twitter finally decides to make an update and doubled the amount of characters to 280 characters.

You’ll also notice that the countdown to your limit of text has now changed to a circle that indicates the space that you have left to occupy.

Twitter revealed those who tested the update before it went live, said the new character limit made them feel more satisfied with “how they expressed themselves.” Overall the users said they received more engagement such as likes, retweets and followers. How do you feel about Twitter’s update? Should they have focused more on adding other aspects like an edit option?

Published By: Marcus Blueitt (Intern)

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