“Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty”

Kendrick Lamar has many hits from his recent album. His track “Loyalty” is one of those undeniable hits. With the aid of Rihanna, K. Dot finally delivers his highly-anticipated music video. The video puts the two’s trust to the ultimate test.

The two play as eachother’s lovers where they are different scenes. Each scenario puts them in a situation that shows how well they hold each-other down.

The video starts off with Kendrick in a red lighted room surrounded by a slew of black-lingerie women while the rapper sits on a throne blindfolded. It ends with the duo doing donuts on an empty street where a plot twist happens and both get into an movie-like car crash.

The scenes in-between you would just have to check out for yourself…. Watch the music video for Kendrick and Rihanna’s Loyalty below.

Published By Elijah Collins (Intern)

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