Chance is truly living up to the independent title lately. He let it show during his performance at the Be Encouraged Tour with Dj Oreo and Chicago’s own King Louie. While performing No Problems, Chano had images playing in the background which showed record labels and 3 Grammy’s (in which he won) Motown became No Crown, Def Jam Recordings was Don’t Join Recordings, and Aftermath Entertainment was Can’t Do Math Entertainment. Chance also switched Sony to Phony, Atlantic to A Titanic, Virgin to Villain, Warner Music Group to Wiener Music Group, Epic to Edick and Universal to Undiverse. While he was rapping the lyrics “If one more label try to stop me, it’s gone be some dread head N*****s in ya lobby!” This comes after rumors that some labels would not allow signed artist to collaborate with Chance.

Published by: Jahari Jones (interns)

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