One of music’s most prestigious couples is celebrating an important milestone that represents the longevity and sincerity of their love. That’s right, today is Beyoncé and Jay Z’s wedding anniversary of 9 years! Back in 2008 on April 4th, the couple said “I Do” in a highly exclusive ceremony. Despite the alleged obstacles these two may face, their union seems to be continuously blessed.








Maybe their resilience has something to do with the date of their stars aligning. According to Beyoncé,”4 has been my favorite number since I was a kid. It’s the number of my birthday, September 4, my mother’s birthday, January 4, my husband’s birthday, December 4 and it’s the anniversary of my wedding.



We’re not sure what the two have planned for today but we know it will be more than beautiful! Congratulations on withstanding the test of time and we wish you many more years of blessings!


Published by Intern Jessica Vales

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