Louis Carr: media mogul, motivational speaker, philanthropist, author, and marketing guru.

Yesterday, Power 92’s Maha was graced with a conversation with Louis Carr and his new tell-all book ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ was the topic of discussion. Carr gives us a peek into some of the biggest tips, advice, and inside scoops on how he achieved the media industry in over 34 years. In his book, Carr is telling us the ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ no executive in the industry is willing to easily broadcast. Finally, we are getting the personal and business experiences of one of entertainment and media’s biggest moguls, Louis Car.

You can purchase ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ for $24.99 (plus shipping) and his ‘Little Black Book’ for $9.99 (plus shipping) on his website HERE

View pictures from Louis Carr’s Interview with Maha below:







What are some ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ you are hoping to see in Louis Carr’s tell-all?

Power 92 Intern: Liyah Strange

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