Look at my dab!!!!

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has become well known for his dabbing throughout the league, and even more well known to his fans as the Superman of the NFL. Unfortunately, after last nights Super Bowl, there was no dab. The Panthers lost to the Denver’s Broncos 24-10. This was a big let down to fans of Cam Newton’s because he was projected to lead his team to victory and, furthermore, become the face of the NFL. Everyone has their good and bad games, this was just another one in the books for him, unfortunately. Newton plans on taking his team back to the Super Bowl to redeem the panthers place in NFL championship history.

cam newtons pic                                                                                                                                                            Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Was last night the possible end of the Cam Newton dabbing era or will the Cam Newton dab live to see another day?

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