WIN "Dead Island Riptide" for your (XBOX 360 or PS3) !!


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The follow-up to the smash hit zombie-slayer of 2011 is ready to LITERALLY take the world by storm! Dead Island Riptide!

Whether you’re a seasoned slayer or a total newbie, Dead Island Riptide will take you to all new levels of heart-pounding carnage and survival by any means!

Face off against swarms of the undead, including familiar half-eaten faces and new gut-wrenching types like the waterborne Floaters, the chaos-inducing Screamers, and more!

Take on the all-new hub defense missions, pitting your team against hordes of hungry flesh-eaters that only rest when they’re dead – AGAIN!

Collect and customize your ultimate zombie-killing weapon in thousands of unique ways. From electrified machetes to acid bats, from incendiary guns to brass knuckles, bring the pain to the undead however you choose.

If a zombie-infested island isn’t enough for you, how about one that’s ALSO BEEN RAVAGED BY A FREAKIN’ TYPHOON?! Floodwaters cover the island, granting access to new locations and blocking access to others, so you’d better hope there’s a boat nearby!

Whether you’re a lone ranger type or a “safety in numbers” type, Dead Island Riptide provides a seamless 4 player jump-in/jump-out online co-op experience like no other!

Listen to your brain – BEFORE it gets eaten! Go pick up Dead Island Riptide, available now on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC for only $49.99! Rated M for Mature.


 WIN "DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE" for your (XBOX 360 or PS3)! 
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