• Ian Perry

    I’m looking for the artist that made the song “all I do” or “all that I do” the song came on the station about an hour ago. Hit me with some feedback. Thanks!

  • Susan Todd

    I really need to hear the Prince of the South Mystikal’s song Feel Right. Please!! From Uptown Special, Mark Ronson ft Mystikal, also released as single. It’s got a great upbeat vibe, old school James Brown style. Can’t help but bounce and dance to it. Uptown Funk overshadowed the song but I think Feel Right is way better. Note in case you censor, the cuss words are stopped just before the ending so it is censor friendly, can cross over for everyone. Way better than anything out there in years, old school with new twist. A lotta people are mad they’re only now hearing about it, deserves be top of the charts & in all the clubs.

  • Tiffany Roberts Wells

    Help me understand why this radio station think it’s appropriate to play “Throw that Ass in a Circle” at 5pm with no hesitation. We wonder why our girls have no self respect – perhaps it’s time to protest this station!

  • I want some feedback on my new song, check it out https://soundcloud.com/loopersmusic-1/today-tomorrow-nov-20-2015

  • Rick

    It has come to my attention, years ago, that you guys continue to play to the masses brain damaging garbage that is just the same song/idea regurgitated over and over just with a different “mainstream artist” singing about money, hoes, and material things. Can you guys please look into other rap and hip hop artists that are considered “underground”, yet have more talent and artistry than any “artist” you play on the radio?

    Im just going to make a list of artists that would make me turn the radio back on for the first time in about 15 years:

    -Carnage the executioner

    -Eyedea and Abilities



    -Kristoff Krane

    -Sage Francis

    -Abstract Rude

    -Aesop Rock (not that a$ap rocky bs)


    Anyone who actually has substance to their music. Not just about having the most money, womanizing, owning material things. Its just garbage you pump the masses with and thats why most are ignorant sheep.

    For once give some credit and airplay for some real artists who sing and rap about real relatable issues. I cant relate to Fetty Wap because he just makes squealing noises. How can you morally let that get airtime over other underground artists who actually work their asses off. Its just sad that this is what our world and especially the music industry is coming to.

    Sincerely, A real, logical human being who wants to help the underground artists and save the masses from morally disgusting shit some would call music

  • Vanessa Wylie

    Straight to the point its very rude to hang up on people. Never again will i call yall at 11:00 p.m. Thinking if i dont wanna hear stupid shit that dont make sense then u hang up in my face. You might wont to stipulate that you can only request stupid shit on a tuesday night. Somebody need to exposed yall rude asses!!!

  • stephen D Barrett

    Listen to this and play it on air!!!! TAHHVO is the shit and I want to hear it on the radio!!! https://soundcloud.com/user-197571170

  • Storm4 PsFinesse

    YOOOO NEW WAVE ALERT!!!! Straight out of chicago too, Wow!


  • bxceo1978@aol.com


  • Hi im an artist i grew up in maywood and all around the city of chicago so i’ve been threw and have seen some things. And i want everyone to not just hear what im saying but feel what i went threw. But, also understand im not a drill artist or anything but i make several genres of music including reggae. I dont only want one kind of crowd to listen to me i want all people of different races and ages to unstand my story and enjoy what i have to say. Everything i say is real that i have experienced. And i hope to one day be able to never experience it again and help others. And it would really mean something to have one of my inspiring songs be played on the radio by you guys. Thank you for your time Soundcloud.com/hhoncho2x/23a

  • Latrell

    Play hoes mad by famous dex. I love that song.

  • Logan Zonin

    PLAY Logan Zonin- Ballin
    it’s on youtube and people are loving it and here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep10yeK09Ww

  • Jessie Hayes

    Just another rapper you’ll never listen to.
    Southside Chicago native with a hatred for drill music. Love for good ol hiphop. Guess you’ll say he’s one of those kids who never knew how to express himself till he met music……But not just any music……It was HIP-HOP.
    Help support Good Chicago hiphop artists.


  • Neia

    Play by LIL Trey it’s on Spinrilla and You tube. It’s fire!

  • Neia

    Play “Neva Again” it goes crazy. on Youtube and Spinrilla.

  • summer smith

    Play Flex! Underground Rapper & he’s truly amazing.

  • Steven Jones


    SteveeMoneyy From The Southside of Chicago that moved around alot and wasn’t able to start my music until now, i am very humble about myself and what i try to do.

  • Steven Jones


    I just want to be successful and make people happy with the music i bring to my city.

  • MG L-O

    Hey Can you check the link Out And Let Me Know What You Think Thanks ???????? #Share https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=USpBZR33n5g

  • My name is D.J.J and I am an aspiring hip-hop artist out of Auburn, CA. I have a new album due to be released on March 31, 2017 and I wanted to get airplay for one specific song on the project that is very personal to me called “Fighter” featuring Sacramento artist Aynata Payne. This song is very personal to me because I talk about all the trials and tribulations that I went through growing up. I’m just wondering what I need to do or what steps I need to take to get this song on rotation on your station. Please get back to me as soon as you can!



  • Brandon GottamakeIt Crowder

    Hey i go by the name BReal check out soundcloud yall https://soundcloud.com/brandon-livinlife-crowder

  • Hulices Garcia
  • Dustin Wainscott

    Check me out. Hoosier Boy from Anderson. Do you have any kind of “New Artist” segments or anything like that?

  • arenee

    hey, will Power 92 be interviewing misty copeland when she comes to town this week with the American Ballet Theatre?? The first African American Female Principal Dancer with the prestigious ABT has 4 shows at the Harris Theatre and i’m hearing nothing from Black media!! This is huge!!!!

  • Katie Schnur

    Hi, I am a middle school teacher and I wanted to play the segment from about 7:12 central time for my students. I am teaching the civil rights unit and how Glennon and Ricky made connections to today’s walkouts was amazing! How can I find this? Help!


  • arthur wimberly III

    my parents said i could not go to a nba player gf party i had a new plastic leg brace! on! my! leg! who want that smelly thing ya chitowns! i wanted to go to a party, i was not allowed . a riot happend on lee st. il. with 3 schools in the same district rich eat rich south rich central. its the candyman! alot happend they smashed house and car windows not my house. but i was playing yugioh i was the god at that game for that. stopping my friend from going to the party by another yuighoih party. shot out please