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TWITTER BEEF!! Mike Epps vs. Kevin Hart

Comedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps are BLASTING each other on Twitter after Mike called Kevin overrated during an interview this morning. This isn’t the first time these two have gotten into a Twitter spat. Last year, Mike got at Kevin and then the Laugh At My Pain comedian unloaded a slew of tweets firing back at Mike. Earlier today, Mike called into a radio station and when he was asked to name one overrated comedian, Mike chose Kevin Hart. He said, “In this business right here, sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent. This business is not about being funny.”

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05/02/2014 8:53PM
TWITTER BEEF!! Mike Epps vs. Kevin Hart
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05/02/2014 9:20PM
Kevin Hart killing simple
05/02/2014 9:39PM
2 Of The Best
Smdh They Trippin.
05/02/2014 9:47PM
Twitter beef mike Epps and Kevin hart
Smh we always pull each other down
05/02/2014 9:52PM
anita cherry
they both are funny and talented.
05/02/2014 9:56PM
Just like ole slew foot to take the bait and eat it Mike Epps. That was a set up from the start.
05/02/2014 9:58PM
*shakes my head* he went too far with the "kill yourself", he should've known this would get publicity, and THAT will not go over well.
05/02/2014 9:58PM
comedy beef hart vs epps
They should have a joke off battle and see who freezes who.. that them to wildn out
05/02/2014 10:06PM
Y'all already kno kevin will will win the joke off but kevin u was wrong with the go kill urself but y'all need to be cool and apologize mike epps that wasent nice what u said both of y'all funny guys so stop tripping.( drops mic)
05/02/2014 10:12PM
Kevin hart vs mile epps
Kev. Tell Mile Epps I said I'll see him on Friday. Not next Friday or the the Friday after that. I ll see him on the the fourth Friday after the first. At this rate, I may end up seeing him on line with me on the 1st and 15th.
05/02/2014 10:17PM
shame on you... arent even funny and I personally have no respect for anyone who tells another to "go kill yourself". shame on you! for real
05/02/2014 10:17PM
Kevin heart lil young illuminati but need to gone somewhere.
05/02/2014 10:19PM
Wow really ridiculous mike and Kevin hart beef
I think the whole thing is stupid ehy respond to negative comments I would give it the satisfaction if someone hates on you than you know your doing something right Keep doing your thing kevin hart .
05/02/2014 10:26PM
Jealous and envy
Mike crabbing instead of being happy for the next man he hating. A shame its enough money for everybody. This our downfall, we dont support each other.
05/02/2014 10:34PM
I love kevin hart and mike epps but kevin is better to me still but thats only because mike epps hahasn't really done anything new but he should give it up for kevin
05/02/2014 10:41PM
Mike epps is funny as hell and Kevin hart is hilarious. I love them both....but Kevin goes in
05/02/2014 10:48PM
set up
Stop it brothers mike apologize 1st n then u kev go have a drink and laugh about itor whatever but do not I repeat do not feed into this
05/02/2014 10:49PM
kill yourself
I enjoy you Kevin Hart the kill yourself comment was a joke he is comedian who has said this b4 he didn't mean it literally he was saying Mike tired this b4 go kill yourself cause it ain't working go Kevin keep making me laugh
05/02/2014 10:53PM
It's so sad that two talented individuals are beefing...and go kill yourself is slang for get the duck out of here...or go to's not literally meant for someone to kill themselves...that is not a playful term or phrase...God bless both of you!!!
05/02/2014 10:57PM
Haha, #Ilovekevhart
Kevin Hart is EVERYTHING I can literally die laughing at him Mike Epps hasnt been funny since Next Friday. He must have need some attention show he chose to go after the most RELEVANT comedian!!
05/02/2014 11:01PM
Team Kevin
It's just nonsense two grown men going at it like kids. Stop & smell the roses. When y'all both started it was like planting two seeds in a pod. Y'all both grew up into fine strong flowers that blossomed with strong roots that hasn't wilted & died yet. Can't We All Just Get Along!!
05/02/2014 11:06PM
Pretty sure Kevin Hart wasn't serious when he said go kill youself. He's a comedian, stop taking everything to heart.
05/02/2014 11:15PM
They're just trying to get the public eye on them! Shameless tactics
05/02/2014 11:26PM
Team Kevin
I really hate to see our people hating on each other. But Kevin is on top now. Get your agent to put you on. STICK TOGETHER.
05/02/2014 11:27PM
Mike came at him first kevin has every right to blast him boom
05/02/2014 11:33PM
##Just Shake Hands & tell eachother good job
They Both Good Whats The Promblem
05/02/2014 11:49PM
Because y'all do this for y'all family n fans so act like it,no one is better than the next humble urself n talk to that man,I mean he's just a man right? He's not god shouldn't b that hard to see him
05/03/2014 12:01AM
You guys are sensitive
Reminds me of when Kevin and Jamie Foxx was going in on each other on foxxhole radio (classic). This was before kevin was as big, so Jamie was getting on his career. and said all he had was soul plane and Jamie of course has big blockbuster hits under his belt. It looked like Jamie had him BUT Kevin hart came back and won that battle when he went in on Jamies hair line lol. This was Mike Eps opportunity to do exactly what Hart did to Jamie and his whole crew at foxxhole. They are comedians people. This is what they do. Its a vid on youtube where kevin is giving it to Meekmills and his whole entourage lol. oh and kill ya self or drink bleach are just sayings/jokes. I say it all the time. Kevin has won a many of battles on twitter and radio. sort of surprised people that say they are fans don't know all this. Big fan of both these guys tho. Mike is just more lets say "urban" with his stand up. and kevin is more lets say "universal." but off stage Kevin "will" get in that a** tho. Even the "plastic cup boys" make fun of Kevins stand up being "universal" and not lets say "raw" its all jokes tho. chill people
05/03/2014 12:03AM
Kevin is funny but overrated
05/03/2014 12:12AM
Kevin heart just killed mike Epps booooom...lmfao...
Mike Epps just look funny...LMAO
05/03/2014 12:18AM
Not these two smdh but Kev is better though!
05/03/2014 12:20AM
Lmaoooooo @ Kevin Hart my nigga said Boooooooom 😂😂😂
05/03/2014 12:26AM
2mike epps it is about being funny...each time the camera is on....YOUR FUNNY...BUT KEVIN HART IS DROP DEAD...FUNNY...your not..ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS...drop dead funny....YOU DOING STAND UP...ur just I thnk you know it too...cause tickets sales don't lie..when you do stand-up
05/03/2014 1:10AM
Mike need to cut it out. When he first came out Tracey Morgan didn't hate, D Ray didn't hate, Kat Williams didn't hate, nd neither did Don "D.C" Curry. U had ur time to shine so let Kevin have his. That's what's wrong with us as black people. We always pulling/putting each other down instead of lifting each other up. Smh. This is soo sad.
05/03/2014 1:20AM
It's simple Kevin Hart has been working... movies, stand up etc..... Mike Epps.... not so much! Don't get mad at Kevin for maximizing his opportunities and talent.
05/03/2014 1:21AM
mike & Kevin
i love both of them i don't no y mike would hate he had his time & now let tht man do his thing stop hating
05/03/2014 1:29AM
old fools
They are both adults they should act like it. It was ignorant of Mike to start this petty mess and even more ignorant of Kevin Hart to respond. Grow up
05/03/2014 2:09AM
Bigg Wreck
This beef is for ratings! Personally I like Mike, they both need to stop this Hollywood beef and go back to what gave them their start!
05/03/2014 2:15AM
quality over quantity
05/03/2014 2:35AM
k hart all day
Mike epps aint stand up funny hes movie funny all he do is jokes from his movies kevin killin the game. & the kill urself is somthin ppla say after someone says somthin stupid doesnt really mean kill urself grow up ppl smdh
05/03/2014 2:37AM
Team Kevin Hart
Mike's a hater! Maybe he's upset because ride along did better than any of the Fridays #ijs#
05/03/2014 3:29AM
kevin Hart
"Kill yo self" is an expression not ment for the person to actually be stupid enough to do so! Kevin and Mike alike are super funny and this is just super dumb! Love them both!
05/03/2014 3:34AM
He is not funny
Truthfully.. Over all Kevin Hart is corny. He sells out because the world needs someone to do stupid things on the stage .. People are generally corny like he is. I love to laugh and I've watched his stand ups and sat there straight faced the whole time. Oh well. He is overrated. But he's making a killing from y'all. Ps RIDE ALONG WAS TERRIBLE. I ONLY WENT TO LOOK AT THE SCREEN AT THE MOVIES CAUSE MY LADY WANTED TO SEE IT. SHE LOVES KEV AND WANTED HER MONEY BACK. HE SUCKS.. FUEL FOR NOTHING KEVIN HART. MIKE EPPS IS FUNNIER AND WE CAN RELATE TO HIM. KEV, GIVE UP THE CRACK HEAD DAD JOKES. WHITE AMERICA IS LOOKIN AT THIS GUY AS A PUPPET.. Check the latest mag he did with the white ladies stepping on him.. THINK PEOPLE
05/03/2014 3:42AM
I want go see either show how bout that
Typically somebody is confused. STOP THE B.S. Two grown men arguing on a social network. GTFOOH
05/03/2014 4:43AM
05/03/2014 5:01AM
05/03/2014 5:11AM
media hype
It's the media. Kevin would be very stupid to react. And Mike shouldn't go that way. They both grown men. Stop trippin. There is no such thing as hollywood beef.
05/03/2014 5:18AM
both are great
IT,S so sad for both of these great comedian to be clown there,s no need for that unless outer ego has give both the haters desease, come on MIKE and KEVIN squash'' the BS. can't we all just get along.
05/03/2014 5:37AM
05/03/2014 5:51AM
Mike and Kevin beef
Grow up! No two talents are identical. Agree to disagree. Stop hitting below the belt and tearing one another down.
05/03/2014 6:10AM
Mike & Kevin
I like both. I agree it was a set up? & agree w/mike bout the marketing. I see Kev on tv comedy shows, & I'm like this dude is crazy funny, go see in a show, I get disappointed, go see him movies, get disappointed. About last night was about the first movie I wasn't really disappointed about. I absolutely love comedy, but yes, someone's got marketing at its best. oan, I wouldn't have answered the ? W/a name, just so we wouldn't have been going here by tearing each other down, nor showing the media that they got US once again.
05/03/2014 6:27AM
I feel dat both of them are, very talented! And dat y'all should continue to let young boys look up to y'all dat want to do wat y'all do but dis between y'all two are un called for neva tell a person to kill da self cuz da just might then u gonna feel guilty
05/03/2014 6:40AM
Ride Along wasn't funny tho that was overrated
05/03/2014 7:01AM
both are comedians
Epps was asked a question, i dont think he was hating on Hart, it could been setup, epps anwered right, hart is overated, its the marketing, i agree eith Epps, this has nothing to do with hate, just a truthful answer as he sees it, why is kevin reacting this was? Cause there is truth to it,
05/03/2014 7:10AM
Mike was right!!!
That lil black turd is overrated and so was ride along!!! Boom!!!!
05/03/2014 7:14AM
Mike u had your share of success now it's Kevin time stop the hating love both of u but let's keep it real mike where have u been it's been awhile since anyone seen or heard from u. This beef is putting u in the public eye once more. LOVE U KEVIN. LOVE U MIKE
05/03/2014 7:51AM
Mike Epps is just not funny, he's on Bob saget level
05/03/2014 8:45AM
They need to stop tripping and come together. They are both funny as hell. We have too much going on in this world today and we all need a good laugh. Stop bringing each other down and get back to the money.
05/03/2014 8:48AM
Hating on a brother
Now is Kevin time Mike had his time why hate . Mike stated that Kevin is overexposed its call good marketing strike while the Iron is Hot. We as a people need to stop hating on each other. To day for me tomorrow for you.
05/03/2014 8:50AM
Comedy for Us???
I don't understand this comedy for us comment. I guess the us is supposed to be Black people. Well I am Black & I enjoy real funny comedy. Not the jokes thats all about sex. If your comedy routine is all about sex & sexual positions you aren't funny. I have seen comics like that especially on the defunct P Diddy comedy show copy of Def Jam for each segment there may have been 1 or 2 actually talented funny comedian. If a comedian is talented, funny, & original how can that be overrated? Everybody has a beginning & needs a hand-up, so for Mike to talk about how Kevin was early in his career shows that Mike is truly jealous of Kevin's success cos I'm sure when Mike began he needed & received help also. If truth be told Mike usually played the same character-type in movies...except for the remake of Sparkle! That movie was a hot mess! & Mike needs some acting lessons if he's going to portray a serious character. Kevin Harts "Let Me Explain" was 200% funnier than any of Mike Epps' that I have seen.It's deerbra vs foodstamps...everybody has a foodstamp joke but true imagination creates a deerbra & a bum bump!!!
05/03/2014 9:07AM
Mike epps
Mike is a hater..HE NOT FUNNY!!! Mike EPPS IS WASHED UP!
05/03/2014 9:23AM
word have power be careful what you say...
05/03/2014 9:24AM
Celebrity Hoax
Come on its Hollywood! I bet it's all planned. They're in the same industry, go to the same party, I'm sure they have nothing but respect for each other.
05/03/2014 9:24AM
extra azz ppl
Some of yall need to get out ya feelins im pretty sure kevin didnt really mean for mike epps to kill his self....smdh if you seen one of his shows he says it in his act
05/03/2014 9:29AM
Mike Epps was just stating his opinion on a question he was asked.Kevin Hart showed immaturity by going off in a blizz embarrassing himself by going off instead of being an adult and just accepting someone's opinion and moving on.Im pretty sure there are plenty people that feel he is overated.Honestly,Kevin Hart is.His jokes are the same and its hard to tell which movie is which because the story lines are so alike.Lets be real and not sugar coat because of being a fan from watching "Laugh at my pain".Honestly,thats what blew him up but after that its been the same ol same ol which makes him Over rated.
05/03/2014 9:46AM
Mr Locworld
they both great comedians they both part of black history who cares about who overated or not selling yall both funny in a major way they need to let them too work together funniest stuff we might havent seen in a while in should be called comedians beefin bring in thta bag cause its real beef
05/03/2014 10:27AM
Mike Epps vs Kevon Hart
Perhaps Mike needs a new agent/manager so he can b'come overrated too...both should still focused on professionalism
05/03/2014 10:44AM
Kevin Hart Is The Man
You are only reading one side people.Yes he did say go kill yourself.Its a figure of speach.Go read what Mike Epps twittering..the one who started
05/03/2014 10:49AM
Mike epps vs KEVIN HART
05/03/2014 10:51AM
Mike epps vs Kevin hart STAND OFF
Let the two cats go head to head one night only at a big arena on a hbo special .. Ripen each other
05/03/2014 10:57AM
Yall sound like two lil girls fighting over a boy....calm yall asses down we like both of yall...that is possible you know!!!!
05/03/2014 11:05AM
I like them ok th they both funny BUT if I had to choose ot would b Kevin! He so short whichales him funnier n his lines #letmetellusomethin #itsabouttogodown #yugonleantoday n #howimsetup is killing mike but like I said I love em both. Come on yal kevin u can b overrated but u still funny. Let that motivate u boo!
05/03/2014 11:18AM
Hey they both funny,Kevin hart is in the spot light right now it is what it is BOOM
05/03/2014 11:21AM
What if
Or maybe this is a promotion for a future movie we don't know about
05/03/2014 11:37AM
Mike Epps
Personally I prefer Mike Epps but I think there is a little jealousy involved. It's probably heard to watch someone come on after you and watch him Kil the game. Kevin works hard and markets the hell out of himself.
05/03/2014 1:42PM
I like both! I grew up seeing Mike doing comedy and movies. Now Kevin come in the ppicture. He Kevin is funny. Mike is to. They both just need to shake hands and book a show together. Let the audience decide. It isn't about been overrated it's about giving credit where credit is due.
05/03/2014 1:58PM
whatch out there now
he got a song feat Nelly @ Kevin Hart
05/03/2014 3:15PM
I know Kevin hart is funny but mike epps is hilarious. Kevin is all color funny and mike is black funny. Take it how u want to take it
05/03/2014 3:46PM
mike epps
because Fridays is my favorite movies and mike epps is funny and kevin is just short and not funny he don't make me laugh mike epps do kevin should just give up his carrier
05/03/2014 4:30PM
Team K Hart
Been to both stand up shows and where Mike is ok Kevin is hilarious team K Hart all day
05/03/2014 6:06PM
Ms t
Considering mike Epps ain't funny ijs
05/03/2014 6:30PM
K hart is better sorry mike epps
05/03/2014 6:54PM
grow up...
Kevin Hart and Mike Epps...both need to grow never seen Richard Pryor & Eddie Murphy going at it...why the both of you can't just respect each others art and move on...that's why some people say black people can not get never seen Jerry Seinfeld and Robert Williams going at it....I like both of ya yeah just need to grow up...
05/03/2014 7:08PM
y'all lame
Dolemite went at Pryor when Pryor got to comfortable with them people, it happens, You choosing side fans are some bitches tho
05/03/2014 8:04PM
just being honest
I love then both yes they are both funny but Kevin is extra dramatic be doing the most but yea funny love you Mike
05/03/2014 8:13PM
Both have talent but to say ine is over rated soumd like someone a lil jealous..Kevin Hart and Mike Epps need stop the beef and make peace not a good look for your fans
05/03/2014 11:26PM
why people
The fact of the whole matter being overrated is a matter of opinion and look like everybody's got one let them both eat
05/04/2014 11:55AM
Kevin Hart Really is Overrated. He funny But he not funnier than Katt Williams , Bernie Mac, Dave Chapelle, Richard Prior....Mike Epps Was asked A Question & he gave his opinion & I agree With Him.... Say No More
08/14/2014 8:17PM
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