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They Made WHAT!? Mimi and Nikko said to have been paid the lowest amount Sex ta

Ok, so you’ve seen the trailer I’m sure for the Mimi and Nikko sex tape… Well, we’re hearing that two were paid probably the lowest amount in history for a celebrity sex tape. Mimi and Nikko’s tape has been the talk of the week. As the videos have leaked, people have wondered how much the couple got paid. Well, a rumor emerged that they got $5 million for the tape, but according to Vivid Entertainment, the duo made… … … A whooping…$100,000. That’s it!! 100K. As in 1/10th of a million bucks. Of course, when Twitter got ahold of the news, they had a field day. Mimi and Nikko can’t win.
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NEW VIDEO: "We Dem Boyz" - Wiz Khalifa

Let us know what you thought about Wiz's new video below!
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GENIUS OR NAW? Take a look at the worse contestant ever on Wheel of Fortune!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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August Alsina Checks 106 & Park Host
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NEW MIXTAPE: "Welcome to Fazoland" - Lil Herb
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