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Mathew Knowles Won?t Have To Pay Child Support For Three More Years

Well damn… when it rains it pours for Mathew Knowles’ baby’s mother Alexsandra Wright. Last month, the California woman announced in an interview that she and her 4-year-old son would have to move to a homeless shelter after Mathew’s child support payments were cut from $12,000 to $2,485 a month, and now she’s gotten another huge blow. According to reports, Mathew won’t have to pay her anything for up to three years. You are probably wondering, “How’d that happen?” Somehow or another, Mathew proved to the judge that he had a tremendous loss in income since losing his job as Beyoncé’s manager in 2011, and that he should have been paying $2,485 all along. The judge agreed and gave him a credit of $110,000 in overpayment. Now what gets tricky is determining what in the heck Alexsandra was doing with that $12,000 a month when she was getting it, and how she is now borderline homeless and receiving $300 a month in food stamps. When depending on child support checks goes wrong. Hopefully, she’ll seek out employment and get back on her feet soon. Update: Alexsandra and her son have moved to a trailer park. She also reveals that she’s received thousands of death threats from Beyonce fans. She tells Inside Edition: It’s not Beyonce’s fault. I don’t hold her accountable. I hold the father of my child accountable. I got over a thousand of death threats last week alone. Because this article said I blamed Beyonce. And again, let me say for the record—it’s not her fault. I’ve never blamed her. I want the best for her. Read more at

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04/25/2014 4:19PM
Mathew Knowles Won’t Have To Pay Child Support For Three More Years
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