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According to our good friends over at Vlad...Despite the backlash of Love & Hip Hop star Mimi's sex tape leak, she doesn't seem to care.

On Tuesday evening, the reality star posted a couple of photos on Instagram of her and boyfriend Nikko's upcoming event and a strong photo that most likely sums up why she made the tape in the first place.

The star posted of a pic that said "If you don't pay my bills" with a woman with her finger to her lips.

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04/16/2014 12:48PM
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04/16/2014 1:36PM
straight up hoe
tell her how much for that head
04/16/2014 1:43PM
I need sum mimi head
04/16/2014 1:46PM
wat do she gotta say
she got lil gurls hangin on shower curtains and my man want sum of ha head im pissed
04/16/2014 1:56PM
She dumb as hell for saying that
04/16/2014 1:58PM
this is Y hoes shouldnt' talk
where im from---that sh*t she just said "now that's a HOE azz statement"
04/16/2014 2:32PM
Just Nasty!!!
Which lips???
04/16/2014 2:35PM
Lost All Respect!!!
Nobody's going ever take her serious again...not that they ever did!!!
04/16/2014 2:40PM
04/16/2014 2:43PM
quit hating on her
Haters why yall hating on her for having sex yall do it to . But because she's brave enough to film yall hate on her . We all having sex so quit hating. That's what's wrong with this would today. People hating and jealousy. Get yo moneyboo boo
04/16/2014 2:55PM
She's grown getting down with HER man..what man or woman hasn't videoed themselves??? It's all for publicity she it's no different from any other "STAR" that has leaked a video to boost ratings!
04/16/2014 3:00PM
ain't nothing wrong with what she did
Ppl need to get they on life straight while they trying to judge hey some of u bitches out here making free sex tape and don't even know it!!!
04/16/2014 3:24PM
04/16/2014 3:35PM
Why is the world mad cause she did what woman do everyday they mad cause she paid and they do it for a drink or weed and guys mad cause it was not them do you boo.
04/16/2014 3:48PM
Ahhh! That explains it! She needed bill money so she made a f*ck tape...I tell you bout these low key thots. And that bullsh*t she gave Joselyn and here she is with another SIMPLE muthafuc*a making a tacky a** video. Not everybody is made 2 be a Kim K. #FAILB*TCH
04/16/2014 3:53PM
my nutts
I want the back of my nutts lick and suck....#ooowwwww
04/16/2014 3:56PM
placing value on your self
When it become happy things about selling your soul for money. We to think about things we say an do we are not perfect.but we must smart choices
04/16/2014 4:05PM
She not the first and won't be the last. If anyone has a promblem with it than don't do it. Mimi is grown and doing what she wants. STFU ppl!!!
04/16/2014 4:57PM
praying for the children they see everything they think this shitok
04/16/2014 4:58PM
Love Mimi
She is a grown woman who can do what she wants nobody had this much hatred when Ray J & Kim K did it so what she doesnt care y do u
04/16/2014 5:19PM
Who really cares tho!
04/16/2014 5:28PM
04/16/2014 5:29PM
04/16/2014 6:08PM
Bottom line, when you put yourself out there publicly, be ready for the ridicul! That's life....don't get mad when some don't agree! If you're so secure with your decision you wouldn't care what others think! IJS....OAN, GREAT JOB MOMMY! I'm sure that daughter of yours will be very proud!😜 #GTFOH #ONLY*THOTS*APPROVE*OF*SUCH*TRASH
04/16/2014 6:41PM
stupid is stupid does
Maybe she's on drugs.....I knew she was stupid for Stevie J, but I didn't think she was all the way stupid. smdh
04/16/2014 7:58PM
She grown! Who cares? She's hurting no one but herself!
04/16/2014 8:13PM
Sad thing is she aint getting paid lol ppl gonna download it for free
04/16/2014 9:10PM
team mimi
I don't think anything wrong with what she did we all will do the same go mimi keep your head up and let know one break you. Love the tape.
04/16/2014 10:19PM
I think she wasn't throwing it back enough but the sex scenes is ratchet if u not married. Like you have a daughter and kids use the web. So u look dumb and got a daughter that's go follow yo ratchet as foot steps smh. But she did it for attention like miley cirus she need some more money and fame her and nikko
04/16/2014 10:39PM
team no mimi
Girl u have a fuckin daughter DAT will grow up n become a how cause her mother did DAT nasty azz video smh
04/16/2014 11:03PM
team mimi
keep your head up
04/16/2014 11:11PM
$$Money$$ :-) :-)
Do what you want and know you have to live for you and be happy doing it
04/17/2014 12:08AM
get that money
They don't pay yo bills
04/17/2014 12:10AM
I saw the clips shiddd...go girl. R.I.P surfboard Shower rods r in!!
04/17/2014 1:28AM
No respect
A little disrespectful to yourself.. Don't you think??
04/17/2014 1:55AM
Do ya thang fa ya hatas rt
04/17/2014 4:39AM
I guess its cool sike
My girl agree with mi mi actions... I just realized she a thot too
04/17/2014 4:43AM
u a thot if u talkin get yo money mimi
She only got 100 gs... she might as well keep makin pornos
04/17/2014 4:44AM
great mother
She can watch it with her daughter and teach her to do the same
04/17/2014 10:52AM
You still my girl no matter what
04/17/2014 10:57AM
What her sex tape gotta do with y'all ? .... I'll wait ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that's HER man HER money HER life HER decision! Half of y'all that got something to say probably makin free sex tapes .... Just because she made the tape doesn't mean she's a bad mother or selling herself for money..... Can she live ..... Nobody had anything to say when Kim K Was bussin it open for Ray J lame a$$ ...that was her family's claim to fame so let MIMI live on her shower pole
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