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Hennessy Tour: Malcolm and Nas Questions for Trivia
1. How many times did Malcolm Campbell break the World’s land speed record?
2. What spirit brand is Nas a brand ambassador for?
3. What is the name of the car that Malcolm used to break the World Land/speed record?
4. What decade did Malcolm Campbell break speed records?
5. What is Hennessy’s mantra?
6. True or False- Hennessy was founded in the 1700’s?
7. How do you spell Nas?
8. What did Nas’ father do for a living?
9. What is Nas’ real name?
10. What year did Nas debut his first album?
11. What year did Nas arrive on the scene?
12. How many records has Nas sold in the United States- multiple choice- 8 million, 10 million, or 13 million?
13. How many consecutive platinum albums has Nas released since 1994?
14. What hip hop super group was Nas a part of under Dr. Dre’s record label Aftermath?
15. Name one other member of the group
16. What was the name of Nas’ debut album?
17. Where was Nas born?
18. Name two Nas album titles
19. How many Grammy awards has Nas won- multiple choice- 0, 4, or 13
20. True or False- Nas is also an actor?
21. Name one movie or show he has appeared in/on
22. True or False- Nas briefly dated Mary J Blidge
23. Who is Nas’ ex-wife?

Drake Ft. 2 Chainz x Big Sean ?All Me?

Drake Ft. 2 Chainz x Big Sean “All Me”

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People : Drake Ft

08/01/2013 2:26PM
Drake Ft. 2 Chainz x Big Sean “All Me”
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