The sequel to Lil Boat is coming…

Although Teenage Emotions was received with lukewarm reactions, Lil Yachty is still constantly working to solidify his spot as the king-of-teens.

Now that Teenage Emotions has come and gone, Yachty is once again set to give us and fans alike more music.

Yachty recently uploaded a clip to his IG page, which previewed a banger.

“N*ggas hate on me because I look the way I do, hatin’ on a n*gga ain’t gon make a better you.” raps Yachty. The clip is captioned with “Lil Boat 2 Otw…”

While sequels seem to be the wave; no surprise that Yachty decided to follow up his most popular album. At the moment, there is no concrete drop date but he made it clear that its coming for sure.

Check out Lil Boats’ IG post below.

Lil Boat 2 Otw…

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