August 11 1973 is the day Hip-Hop was born and to celebrate it, Google paid an ode to hip-hop’s birth with their Google Doodle.

Usually, Google changes their search page logo day-by-day in honor of a significant person or day. Today, the widely popular search engine went all out for Hip-Hop’s birthday.

On, you’ll find their name posted in graffiti lettering on a brick wall which is a significant element of the genre. When you hit the play button on the google logo, something magical happens. An animated variant of one hip-hop’s best, Fab 5 Freddy is shown to narrate the the story of Hip-Hop.

If you don’t know, DJ Kool Herc hosted a back-to-school party in the Bronx of 1973. He decided to extend the instrumental breaks using turntables, which allowed party people to dance longer, thus creating the terminology break-dancing. It also allowed a space for MC’s to eventually spit.

Not being only a informational video, Google and cartoon Fab allows you to take a shot at being a virtual DJ letting you work the turntables yourself. You are allowed to dig through crates, choose vinyl classics, scratch records, change BPMs, and Crossfade.

Check out the IG post with the video on it and click the picture below to be the virtual DJ… Happy 44th Anniversary Hip-Hop!!!

Happy 44th Birthday #HipHop!!! ????????????#GoogleDoodle

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