Did we say goodbye to the Obamas, or hello to a New World?


So I wanted to share this slight personal blog from my sister Bri Commiel (she helps produce my show every Saturday 10P-2A #LitPit). About The Obamas leaving behind a legacy. Please take a read below it makes me ask “Did we say goodbye to the Obamas, or hell to a new world?”

“Saying good bye is never an easy task but, somebody has got to do it. I mean if you want to feel free but, I never will. If I have to go and sit on there front lawn daily i aint never going bruh, AINT NO GOOD BYES. But, are we really saying good bye? What the Obama’s are leaving behind is something much more that can never be taken away from us. I know I am not the only one that remembers that place mat with ALL the presidents on it, Yeaaa the blue one! Well among the bowl of milk there is nice chocolate chip, it’s going to be real hard not to notice him. He leaves a fire burning inside each of us that he lit to not only be active in our political parties but respectful citizens of the free states. We will forever remember him singing behind that podium like a pentecostal preacher on a sweet Sunday morning. The Obama’s have placed a forever photo on our memory mantel of what love, black love, truly looks like. That man looks at Michelle the way I look at a frosted honey bun when it comes out the microwave (don’t judge me judge yo momma). Oh we can’t forget the move campaign. Floutus showed the entire nation how us Chicagoians get down by challenging everyone to get active! I mean this is barely scratching the surface but, don’t be sad just be empowered because they said we could never do it look at us now, we did it for 8 years! Stay persistent in whatever your passion is, the world is literally at your fingers tips. So, pick your head and fist up and stay strong my people!” – Bri Commiel

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