#WhatsHotRod Chicago Edition January


Happy New Year to all, I hope know one has taken a “L” so far, if so 2018 is your year lol. But I wanted to kick the year off with #WhatsHotRod different, and do this once a month. I want to dedicate a list for just Chicago New Music and what I have been checking out. Chicago is very talented, and we aren’t just limited to one sound of rap, and we have great singers emerging from our city. So with that being said if you believe I should be listening to something in Chicago please use the hashtag  #WhatsHotRod under the post so I can take a listen. Here is my list for January I’ve heard some great things so far shout out to Tyre Hakim, Neil Gang, Sydny August, Josh K, David Ellis, GetEmLouie, Queen Key, Nia Kay, Saba, and Im sure y’all know the rest Dlow, ChanceTheRapper, Jeremih, Lil Durk, Famous Dex, GHerbo, & King Louie. Looking forward to hearing more of everyone in 2017 #ChicagoSupportChicago

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