• Reda Lafaye

    That song ya’ll just played with Eminem in it where the hell did that come from and could you please play that again that was hot!!!!!!

  • ZaKee Muneer

    What’s the name of the song you guys played within the last hour that has the Frankie Beverly and Maze sample?
    That joint was hawt!!

  • Ree500

    Whats the name of thw song yall played in the last hour that says “I cant believe they took my brother i cant get another and i put that om “

    • Tiny one

      Prince easy ridin

  • Keith A Smith

    y’all keep playing two hot songs … pull up

    hop out … photo my chic
    i’m so fly I don’t plan on coming down

    then the other song ……..I’m going through I’m going through……..
    i’m thinking about you like I never done ….before got me smoking like I’ve never done before got me drinking like I’m never done before I’m going through it

    what are both and where can I buy or download those joints

  • Danielle

    Whatso the name of the song you just played it says I’m not trying to fight just make it through tonight

  • Kiana

    I want to know the name of the song right before u played that king louie song a few min ago I love that!! Please tell me i need that in my playlist !

  • Aaron Rose

    what was that song that had lit it up or light it up in the chores. it kills me to not know and forgetting how it goes

  • Marcus

    Whats that song you played last night that goes like ” been thinking bout you like i never done before” “cuz im going through im going through” anyone know?? Can’t find it and it’s bothering me

  • Jj

    Whats the song that played at 740something about houston texas and sounded like a drake song

  • brittney

    Song that was playing at like 12:10 a.m. 12/9/15 !?!? Please what’s it called lol

  • angel2223

    What is that song jadakiss n raggae artist yall played in the mix last night on Xmas

  • Tk

    Y’all keep playing this song I no he say all I want is something something Mula

  • Kd

    So i just heard a song on 12/27 at around 7:30 dont really remember any words but it had a gospel like chorus and had deep verses with an old school feel i tried siri but that bitch told me it was some micheal jackson “earth song” lol but if anyone knows the song let me know

    • Tiffany

      Sounds like Chance the Rapper Maybe the song Church? Or heaven only knows or or Angels lol only songs i can think of.

  • Cent Asap Juice

    A song by young something sound like snootie wild. He sayin like Imma live foreva. N stand on the stove n whip n whip. lol. Somethin like thst anybody kno

  • Cent Asap Juice

    A song sound like snootie wild. Sayin Imma live foreva stand in the stove n I whip

  • Robe

    Why can’t I find the Options song anywhere?
    Nigga got options you already know
    Should I cop a Benz, a beemer, a jag or the Range Rover.
    Who is it by and is it called options? Cause I can’t find it anywhere

  • HER.

    what’s the song called? It go like ” She said you fuck with me you stuck with me”

  • Joe Turley

    What’s the name of that song they play late at night?The chorus is like I says I’m feeling myself but it’s a rap song by a male rapper

  • Derek

    I’m trying to find out the name of a song I heard a few nights ago after
    midnight. I don’t know who it’s by, and I barely know any of the words
    from the chorus… All I remember is the chorus goes, “Ayeeeeeee, been
    gettin money, ain’t a damn thing funny ayeeeeeeeeeee. “

    • Tiny one

      I wanna know too



  • Naomi

    Moolah by Young Greatness

  • Yemar Lgi

    Yemar checking in…..Keep the hits coming!

  • Brittany Spaulding

    A new Big Sean song was played earlier . It sampled Xscape Who Can I Run to … Does anyone know the name of this song?

  • Juan Carlos Valdez

    Whats the one song they okayed like around 7 or 8 pm ot was a mix it was “we on our way to the top” it had a cool beat please let me know

  • Nicole Sorice

    What’s the song you played around 11:50? The second to last song before the mix was over? My Shazam couldn’t find it!

  • Renee Cordero

    What is that song that says: got to catch a body and a baby?

  • The Arkitech Savage
  • J-ROC

    What da song that go “all my young niggas got the muscle, no exercising but we’ll pull up on you” PLEASEE

  • Tiffany Burtin

    What’s the name if the song played a few minutes ago I think 50 cent was the artist played afterward during the mix at 11

  • Amanda

    What’s the name of the song that’s played late at night that’s a slower song with a guy with a deeper voice that includes the lyrics, “tell the waitress to bring some bottles to my table.” Please help!

  • Ciara Uribe ✨✨

    How can I find songs that get played in the mixes at night you should post those

  • Jessica white

    whoever this artist name Cottage Boi is, I just want you know me and my girls love this song.

  • Jesus Amezcua

    what the new song with the trippy girl singing background

  • Christopher Prieto Chulo Herve

    What’s the name of the song with the hook “I see it I like it I get it”?

    • Lex Kash

      Same thing I’m trying to figure out

      • Jay Tea

        Did you find out the name

    • Jay Tea

      Did you ever find out the name of that song

      • Christopher Prieto Chulo Herve


        • Jay Tea

          Let me kno if yu find out

    • Jessie L NORMAN

      Bandan rose & Shwanna

      • Christopher Prieto Chulo Herve

        Thank you. I was never gonna find that Shit had you not looked out.

  • Lex Kash

    What is the song called “i see it I like it I get it”

  • Tweaksz

    whats the name to the song that be like ” kicked that bitch out cause she was acting phony” “i dont bullshit about my money 20s 50s” i cant find it nowhere and i remember hearin it on one of 92.3 commericals bout adrianas club

    • Tiny one

      im looking for it toooooo omggg

  • Tiny one

    I’m trying to find out the name of a song I heard
    I don’t know who it’s by, and I barely know any of the words
    from the chorus… All I remember is the chorus goes, “Ayeeeeeee, been
    gettin money, ain’t a damn thing funny ayeeeeeeeeeee. 20s 50s 100s”

    Some one help me please

  • no love

    what is the song called goes like “one twerkin like miley, the other twerkin like nicki,…..girl i want you you you” been looking all week cant find it please help

  • Chris Kosinski

    What song was playing at 4:17 today lol I loved it can’t remember the name

  • Arthur Johnson

    whats that song that plays the lyrics “i see it i like it i get it” that shit has me pumped. i cant find it

    • Jay Tea

      Did you eva find out the name off that

    • Jessie L NORMAN

      Shwanna and bandan rose- see it like it get it

  • DJreal

    anybody know the song “I work my wrists and I might whip me up a phantom” ANYBODY

  • Can you play

  • Hi im an artist i grew up in maywood and all around the city of chicago so i’ve been threw and have seen some things. And i want everyone to not just hear what im saying but feel what i went threw. But, also understand im not a drill artist or anything but i make several genres of music including reggae. I dont only want one kind of crowd to listen to me i want all people of different races and ages to unstand my story and enjoy what i have to say. Everything i say is real that i have experienced. And i hope to one day be able to never experience it again and help others. And it would really mean something to have one of my inspiring songs be played on the radio by you guys. Thank you for your time.

  • katy

    there is this one song and it starts out dun dun dun… dun dun dun (in like a 3…2…1… type of way)

  • Erick

    Whats the name of a song that goes something like bam bam bam bia ia oh oh oh oh bia bia boom bam idk something like that

  • mzsyn17

    What’s the song where they singing beautiful morning??

    • internscbc

      Kanye West – Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 (feat. Kid Cudi)

  • Deanna J Woods
  • Deanna J Woods
  • Erik Serrano

    Anybody,,, Who sings that song and it start’s saying Disciple, Disciple, disciple… I thought it was ASAP or ferg…but nah. ANYBODY & thank you!!!

  • Kayla Daniel

    Whats that new Migos song?

  • rns let’s get it

    Whats the sound like …..he look like the plug, is he rappin or trappin,

  • Marquis

    Whats the name of the somg that goesYou got a body out this world with yo cute ass

  • Lorenzo Brown

    Does any one kno the same of the song that’s goes like ” no clothes when u meet me there no clothes is the dress code

  • Briantonio Montana

    What’s the name of that song with the hooks…”no clothes is the dress code here”…”im on it, im on it, im on it, im on it, im on it, im on it with you”…”you are invited to my private party”

    • NikCakes

      have you found the name of the song yet?

  • Arroyo Squad

    Just heard a song that goes “I do this shit for my stunners, I do this shit for my (?)”. One part of the song that stuck with me was “got my top back jfk, rest in peace to jfk”. Who can tell me the name of this song that shit went hard!

  • Maggie Boo


  • BigJ755

    its this song that comes on that I don’t know who raps it or title. Its goes like “Don’t make me do it to ya, you know I’ll do it to ya” who raps this song? I’ll appreciate it you can answer this for me FAM thanks

  • Jessica Oneill

    who sings that song they want war we gon give em warrrr???????!!!!

  • Michael Dwyer


    • Jessica Oneill

      Did you ever find this song i been lookin for it 4 months and nobody knows who sings it??!!

      • Michael Dwyer

        no I’m still stressin! lol

  • Benz lee

    Im a up in coming raper
    BENZ LEE aka alia mckinley
    Follow me on Facebook:@alia.mckinley(lee-boo)
    Follow me on Twitter:@mckinley_alia
    Follow me on insta:@alia_mckinley
    Follow me on snap:@amckinley82
    Go my web page:
    View my SoundCloud

    And i wanted to know how i go by put my music on the radio a lot of people started to get in toon with me its slowly coming but im on a come up for real.
    Thank u and God bless much love.

  • Mayela

    whats the name of this song that talks about his ex girl and the chorus goes something like “… im down for it” something like that.

    • Nikko NoLuv

      Fool boy Marley better man

  • Ray

    There’s a song ft twista. That they played tonight. Couldn’t really hear it and Shazam didn’t pick it up. Any one know what song?

  • Cory Smith

    I heard a song yesterday that was dope! But no clue what it’s called… “don’t make me do it to ya” “you know I do it”

    Can anyone help lol

    • EastChiRaq

      fr heard it at work, sounded like drake low key, tried looking it up nada…let me know

    • EastChiRaq

      Phor-do it lol just found it

  • Ray Oplt

    Guys! You banged a song around 8-820 ish tonight that went so hard! I tried to shazaam it the whole time and nothing came up Ive been trying to search every since! One verse went “Im a certified hustla, Bronzeville struggla” and I think I heard a little Ross in there too…. I know y’all busy but pleaseeeeee help me find that jam!!!!

  • Jackue

    I’ve tried to many times to find this one song you guys have played over and over it’s goes something like “they want war we gon give em war” please some one who sings that song it’s killing me!!

    • Jessica Oneill

      Did you find it im on the same thing been lookin for months no luck

  • YK SuAve Tdg

    Looking for the song lyrics something like
    I see it i want it i get it i like i want it i get it? Played yesterday

  • young beast

    YouTube: young beast ft stacks: I’m a stay hustlin :

  • young beast

    If you workin yo 9 da 5 :
    YouTube: young beast ft stacks :
    I’m a stay hustlin


    Its a song that was played on Christmas…”looking at me yea I’m the man I’m at the top I do what I can.all this money cant fit in my hand cracking these cards checking them bands moving these bricks”….. cmbg you know that’s my clique..chorus goes…”I got them bands i got them kno i got them bands” please

  • Big E

    I’m trying to find this song that was played yesterday, it ft 2 Chainz. The lyrics go something like. You know I don’t need to stress. You know all I need is sex. Can y’all tell me where I can download it or something. It played around 10:50 last night.

    • Ashanta Monae

      did u ever find out the name

  • cynthia martinez

    Does anyone know if they have a playlist. Last night at about 940pm they played a song and I didnt catch the information and wanted to find out the name of the song

  • SC: princekchicago prince kchicago ft Remedi #ChicagoVsChiRaq what y’all think ?

  • Bnice Enter

    what is the song when ,..”””YOU AINT REALLY IN MY GANG gang gang gang gang….no you fucking wt my squad squad squad squad squad”

  • Yung D$nero Check Dis shit out mfs sleep Next too Blow!

  • Yung D$nero More Heat All Gas No Brakes!!!!

  • Board Members Ent
  • rosalee Nevarez

    So yesterday I a was in the car I don’t remember the lyrics but i just remember the him saying. ” boom plat ” everytime

  • Eaz CanRap

    Wats that song that be like “You want them Gucci and designer shirts! How you gone get it if you not gone work?!”?

  • ebony nelson

    Go listen to Gussy Corleone on SoundCloud he’s the truth

  • Gladys Villanueva

    I’ve tried to many times to find this one song you guys have played over and over it’s goes something like “they want war we gon give em war” please some one who sings that song it’s killing me!!

  • StangGang KingRoddy New upcoming Chicago artist BlickaBoi E release new single Song My City Get in tune now this is only the beginning u seen it here first

  • StangGang KingRoddy
  • Manuel D

    Hey what’s that song with a girl rapping and she starts making karate noises like hiyah as if she was chopping a block. Lol I wanted to show my friend

  • Steven Martinez

    You guys played a song I forgot how it goes but all I remember is it going I cant afford it I can’t afford it or I can afford it I forgot how it went

  • shannon theroux

    There was a reggae song played the other day during a mix and I can’t figure out the name or who sang it, IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!

    It was about a dude, that had one girl and then wanted two.

    any hints? HELP!!!

  • Jessica

    Who sings the song they want war we gon give em war they just played it on the radio

    • Jose Palomino Diego


    • Jessica Oneill

      Did you find the name of this song i been lookin since last yr.??????

    • Nessa Granados

      did you find out the song

  • Harold Chilcott

    what song did you play before shy glizzy awesome

  • john smith

    Heard this yesterday fucking LIT!!! PRINCE SHUN X KIRKO BANGZ LET ME IN

  • Agnieszka A. Pytka

    what is the name of the rap song, that
    the guy keeps ending lyrics with a long ennnnnn at the end of each
    lyric. Anyone knows which song im talking about?

  • Ricardo Ramos

    What’s that song that’s like, oh 71st street, the devil done birthed me… or some like that.. “shouldn’t of never let me out the Feds, it’s gone run you a hunnit to get me out the bed”. Only lines I remember ..

  • renaeturay

    Someone please help me I don’t know the name of this song, I don’t even know the lyrics. However after every few bars he says Talk! …… Talk! Someone please help me it’s driving me crazy ????I

  • shawn

    I was wondering what the song was you player earlier?

    Some of the lyrics were:
    “I need to get me a wraith, All my plugs out of state”
    “Even though I voted for obama, All my favriote presidents are dead”

    • Jorge Ayala

      Still looking for this

  • Jaskirat Singh

    whats the name of the song that has an old timey 1930s ragtime feel that they played. All it is, is some piano playing a few chords…

  • David

    I was listening to the radio yesterday (07/11/17) at around 11:55 and I heard this one that I really fucked with and all I remember about it is that I had like what sounded like a baby in the background???????? Does anybody know what song I’m talking about?

  • Jerome Hughes

    What’s the name of the song th at played during a mix between 4:30 and 5 with the lyrics ” I got my eye on you ?

  • akilah shakir

    It’s a song I’m looking for that was played last night during the dj’s session. It started off with usher’s nice and slow and then with silk’s freak me. The lyrics say “she’s a keeper , she my Mona Lisa” and I think the rapper said “Her body smoking like a cancer stick” . Anybody know the name of this song?

    • J 5

      Did you ever find out cuz I need to know lol

    • Briana Dee

      The song is war by gizzle ft breed reesey

  • Karneil Smith

    Whats the name of the song with the lyrics “i need some liquor and weed yeah i need my women 3 yeah” or something like that??

    • Veronica Holes

      I’m looking for the name of the same song!

    • Gregory Penman

      It’s called “I Need It” but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s Bump J, John Blu, and Lil Breezy

      • Alex Villa

        Have you been able to find it anywhere yet because I can’t either?

  • Spazzy

    I really some need help what’s that song that go “they want war we gon give em war” please somebody I been looking for 1year now the artist almost sounds like Lil Durk I kno someone have to know it right.

    • Nessa Granados

      did you find out the song , been lookinh for it to

  • Veronica Holes

    What’s the name of the song that just played with bump j, I need…. I can’t find the name of the song anywhere

  • Gregory Penman

    Raw TV Radio keeps playing that song with bump j, john blu, and Lil Breezy. I think its called “I Need It”. Where can I find this song. ????????????????

  • Markaveli Aguilera

    Heard this cut from a Chicago cat but can’t remember the rappers name can someone help? Track name is Chi Town.. “She wants a ni**a from the chi town”……

    • Alex Villa


  • EddieBars

    This new single was just played on the Kiss FM station. Do you guys have this in rotation too?

    Eddie Bars – “T- Up Time” (Single) [Aired on 104.7 KM Phoenix]

    Listen Here –

    Listen Here –
    iHeartRadio –
    Pandora –
    Spotify –
    Google Musical Artist –

  • Alex Villa

    Yo I’m tryin to find a name of a song played at like 7 pm today and all I remember in the chorus is them sayin
    I like my women in threes
    does anybody know this song?

  • Joshua Kennedy

    What is the song you mixed yesterday

    Dropped out of college didnt need it
    We spent that money for mo reason
    Spent 500 on my teethis

  • Malik Bolden

    It was a dope song
    Some of the lyrics were:
    “I need, I need that food on my plate, I need…
    Pretty much they kept saying “I need” majority of the song.
    Idk the rest please help.

  • ..

    what’s the name of this song ?? “We run it up, the summer is ours. Go get the money, Its come w/ the broads”
    lyrics might be wrong but you know what I mean.

  • Shawn078
  • StangGang KingRoddy
  • Yung Santana

    What song that goes “where is it at” …it was playing yesterday like around 4 or 5 pm

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